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Trail Ten Volcanoes (TTV) 

A unique trail running experience, where you will walk the trail of the 10 volcanoes, on Faial Island.




2,919 FT+
4,418 FT-



Itra TTV
The Trail Ten Volcanoes is a race where you will run through one of the most recognized trails of the island. Starting at Cabouco Park, a place of leisure and well-being, and passing through one of the largest calderas in the Azores, you will encounter breathtaking and unique landscapes. 

While you run the 25km, accompanied by a gradient of 2,919ft+ / 4,418ft-, you will experience the biodiversity and geodiversity of the island in its natural state. This route goes through the Capelinhos Volcano, the place where the last eruption in the Azores took place, in 1957, an authentic scenery where you can step on land formed by ash, tuff and volcanic bombs. 

During the entire route, you will also be able to count on our support in two gas stations, located in Tanque da Levada and in the Capelo Forest Park. 
Your adventure ends at Porto do Comprido, the place where the boats used to set sail for the challenging task.

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